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New Podcast:
Soulpreneur Podcast

Deep dive with me on the spiritual journey of discovering our truest selves, breaking free from limiting patterns and stepping BACK INTO OUR POWER! 

This is YOUR podcast to remeber who you are and own the F out of it. You get raw, emotional, juicy with yours truly, AND you get tips + tricks to grow your spiritual business for skyrocketing IMPACT, SALES, and FREEDOM you not only deserveeee, but that your soul is truly calling!

"Vanessa has a charming style and personality that allows YOU the chance to play and feel better within yourself and your own journey."

"You are my daily dose of positivity I need to start and recharge my day!"

"Your energy is so real and authentic I can literally feel like you are sitting right next to me!"

"You just naturally RECHARGE ME, WOW!"

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