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New Podcast:
"Hey World, it's Me"

This podcast is YOURS.

Sparking your joy and coming together to remember our power within; "Hey World, it's me!" is your dose of 15 minute uplifting needed to rock your day, so amazing things can flow YOUR way. Full of authentic heart, and spunky pizzaz, Host: Vanessa Dewing

unpacks the Universal Laws and gets curious together about how it all works! 

Vanessa has a charming style and personality that allows YOU the chance to play and feel better within yourself and your own journey.


Hey! What up! I'm Vanessa, and I am so happy to grow with you in this amazing physical World! It's not about me, it's about ALL of us, how we truly come from pure love and power...sometimes we just need reminders :)

Lord knows I DO! HA!



below are some of my favorite quotes from people because it's about THEM, how THEY felt. That is my biggest intention, to leave YOU feeling better than when you came in, and the rest will unfold.

"You are my daily dose of positivity I need to start and recharge my day!"

"Your energy is so real and authentic I can literally feel like you are sitting right next to me!"

"You just naturally RECHARGE ME, WOW!"

Love, light, and frikken pizzaz YOUR way!