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Actress/Spiritual Business Mentor

Absolutely loved being around the energy

  Premiere          "DRIVen"       

recently enjoyed being on set of the Hot new Network, Passionfilx.  


"To move others, that is my light, that is my dream"

     -Vanessa Dewing

Love that you're here!

A born native of Chicago, Vanessa brings that sweet midwest charm, with a fiery (at times) flare that is super fun to experience! 

     A moving vulnerability and quirky comedic energy, Vanessa adds a captivating likability.

    Sweet, bubbly, positive yes- with an Italian temper and a 5 year old curiosity- who is ready to create!!

     "We are a family working together to move others, let's all put our hearts into it!" 


          ** Check out the RESUME section for what industry professionals have said about VANESSA!!


Who is Vanessa!
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