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"Contagious energy, and what you catch is - life", "A bouncing silver lining", "A little crazy, a little perfect, but always adorable"... some of the branding names that the infamous LA/NY Sam Christensen Studios named Vanessa after spending weeks with her essence, personality and vibes. 

"You bring a captivating vulnerability", "You light up a room, plus you can act", "We connect with you", "You have these big curious eyes, and we just want to hop into your world", "your vulnerability is moving!"... 

some of the lovely words professional Casting Directors have said about Vanessa.


"No great work is one person's doing, it is the culmination of many submitting their hearts together."

         -Vanessa Dewing



Echo Chamber                    Lead                           Dir: AJ Reilly/ John Romanos       

Dolus                                    Lead                           Dir: James H. Hall/Brett K. Hall

MastersFX Zombie VR    Featured Lead       Clever Fox Media​

For Riley                         Lead                      Dir: Benjamen Toth

Anna                               Supporting            Dir: JJ Schneider

Vist Point                        Supporting            Dir: Jason Thomas Scott

The Beautiful People      Lead                      Conicidence Films



Blissville                          Series Regular      Dir: Soni Mizrahi 

Matadors (pilot)               Featured              ABC/Sony TV

Check Please!?                Series Regular      A Joint Effort Prod.

Suicide                            Guest Star             Visual Eyes

The Adventures 

   Of Brad and Chet*       Guest Star            Casey Campbell

Yearbook Video               Featured              Silver Productions

  Stage Fright                   Ensemble             Mirror Theater

  The Running Jokes         Ensemble             Mirror Theater

  Banana Pancakes            Sharon                 Urban Theater 

  Second Hand Smog       Guest                    Various Improv theaters(LA)

  Sketch and Sniff             Ensemble             Gorilla Theater

  Annie                             Tessie                   Warrenville Theater

  A Chorus Line.               Dance Girl            Warrenville Theater



Annie Grindlay Studio I  MASTER Class, Audition Techniques, Cold reading I Los Angeles 

Scott Sedita Studis  |   Sitcom Intensive   |   Los Angeles

          CSA Dean Fronk Bootcamp  I   Audition Technique    I Los Angeles                 Brian Reise Studio   |   Cold Reading/Technique  |   Los Angeles

Chris Game Master Class  |   Theatrical Master Class   |   Los Angeles

Radio and Hosting

*Animation Channe/ Greenhouse Productions    *Monica Goes Show    *The  Scott  Alan Show   *Allen Agency Ad      * WJJG/1530AM       *WAZY/WASK Radio

COMMERCIALS         Conflicts available upon request

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